Page updated 18 May 2020

N1MM LOGGER - User Defined Contests

For those who like N1MM as a logger program, I have written User Defined Contest loggers for:

  • VK Trans Tasman Low Band Challenge | Updated 1 July 2019 | MUST read PDF first.
  • John Moyle Field Day - A must for the HF only Multi-multi portable contesters as it keeps the
    logs in order in a networked environment. Also good for the HF Single Op Portable. New update 4/4/2018
  • VK QRP Hours contest - There was no logger to cater for this contest, but now there is!
  • Harry Angel Memorial Sprint
  • Remembrance Day Contest. Please Read PDF First!!.
  • VK Shires- for non rovers. Please read PDF file for installation.
  • VK SHIRES 2020 CONTEST Note change of rules for 2020 due to COVID19
  • ZL Memorial - New 5/7/2018 - under test feedback appreciated.

Do not modify the files in anyway, including their file name.

N1MM is fairly complex, and if you have never used it before then RTFM. (Read Quick start guide).
One must set N1MM up correctly and have the latest version of N1MM Plus for the UDC's to work correctly.

N1MM LOGGER - How to setup VK UDC's for VK contests.

A step by step guide from downloading to installing the UDC Files

  1. Download the UDC from above links - if there is a PDF, then read it first.
  2. Unzip the file and open in windows explorer as you will need to copy them to folders
  3. Copy the UDC file to My Documents/N1MM Logger+/UserDefinedContests.
  4. If there is a vkzl_cty.dat file or similar, then copy to MY Documents/N1MM Logger+/SupportFiles
  5. Open N1MM Logger+. Click on File-New Log in Database:
  6. Scroll through the listed contests and select the one you have just installed.
  7. If it is not showing then you have not copied the contest UDC to the correct folder.
  8. Finish selecting the relevant options for the contest.
  9. If there was a vk .dat file, it will need to be loaded for N1MM to score correctly
  10. Click on Tools - Import country list from downloaded file...
  11. Select vkzl_cty.dat file and click Open
  12. Remember to switch back to wl_cty.dat the next time you use N1MM for a non VK contest.

N1MM LOGGER - How to setup Waterfall Band Map.

  1. In Config - Broadcast Tab:
  2. Check the Radio Checkbox and add (put a comma after each entry)
  3. Check the Spots Checkbox and add
  4. If using SO2R Configure Radio 2 as in additon to 13063 to both Radio and Spots addresses.
  5. Connect to the cluster for spots to show.