Yaesu FT-847


(Serial Cable pin connections: Pin 2 to 3, 3 to 2, and 5 to 5.)

CAT Commands

CAT Commands are sent in hex format.

Codes are sent in 5 pairs joined together. The syntax is {CATxHEX #},
where x is the radio number and # is the 10 digit hex code

For example - to set frequency to 28.150khz the pairs are:
02 81 50 00 and the 5th is 01 to set to main frequency dial. (See manual for all options.)

The format to send the code from N1MM F keys, for example, is: {CAT1HEX 0281500001}

To change the mode to CW = {CAT1HEX 0200000007}

These are a couple of examples, so check out page 92 in the manual for more options.)

My FT847 Rig Control, Audio and CW Interface

I made this circuit so I could use one COM port on the laptop for field day use. With the use of VSPE virtual serial port software, it allows me to use PTT, Radio Control, and CW on one COM Port. See below for more notes.

My Spare shack gear assembled in to one neat Field Day Unit. Just add power and antennas.


Using the circuit above.

These are my setup notes. If it helps you then great.

My Laptop COM port = COM 5. COM5 is for the ATEN USB to Serial Port Adapter plugged into the top USB hole in back of the laptop.

Load VSPE and open the file vspeContestModeC5-c2.vspe   I have saved this file to convert COM5 to COM2

All the following programs have been set to COM2 and will work quite happily all loaded at the same time.

  1. VKCL3 with OmniRig set for FT847 COM2,9600,8,N,2 RTS &DTR = LOW.
  2. Voice Keyer 1.7 - PTT set for COM2 - RTS
  3. MTTY - TX/Radio Command/ COM2,9600, 50MS. 8bits, 2bits, None, DRT/RTS = Ticked
  4. SSTV - As for MTTY above
  5. WIN PSK31 - under Rig Control, PTT = tick COM2
  6. CW TYPE
    • COM-Port (via Windows API)
    • COM2
    • PTT = NONE
    • KEY = DTR
    • Everything else set to NONE. If you change settings restart the program.


  • PTT = RTS
  • KEY = DTR

For N1MM Logger setup, see the notes in the diagram above.

My FT-847 Technical Menu Settings

FM-51 = 4A FM-FULL = 77 RX-GAIN = 57 SQL-TH-L = 5F SQL-TI-L = 02
DISC-L = 21 DISC-H = 2E SSB-S1 = E5 SSB-S9 = 66 SSB-FULL = 2b
SFT-CTR = 83 RXC-PNT = 00 TXC-USB = 05 TXC-LSB = 01 PWR-100W = 94
PWR-50W = 68 PWR-20W = 41 PWR-10W = 2E ALC-1 = 06 ALC-9 = 35
TX-GAIN = 8F SWR-1.5 = 18 SWR-3.0 = 64 ALL-CLR =00 DSP-PASS = 00