Amateur Radio Station VK4SN - Shack and Antenna Layout

Updated 17 September 2019

My Shack and antennas system in 2019.

Top Pic: The Radios are connected to a computer with an i7 3GHz CPU, 12GB RAM, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 550 TI graphics card, Windows 10 Pro (64bit), with 2 monitors.

A YCCC SO2R Box allows one mic, one footswitch, one headset for the two radios. The SO2R box in conjunction with N1MM software, automatically selects the correct antennas via home made band decoder switches (Using Unified Microsystems boards) and Array Solutions Six Pak antenna switches. (See technical info elsewhere)

Dedicated stubs off the 6 Pak and at the radio provide up to 84db of separation between radios.

I use N1MM logger for contest logging, VKCL logger, WinPSK, MTTY/SSTV. While contesting I use an SDRPlay to provide live spectrum taken from my antenna in use via a MFJ-1708SDR isolator, while the 2nd rig uses the Digital Management Unit for spectrum display.

Antenna selections available are, TH6DXX Dedicated to 20m, 4 element and 3ele stacked 21MHz beams, a 5 element 10mtr beam, a home made 3.5/7Mhz vertical, a Hytower Vertical dedicated to 40m but can be used 1.8Mhz-28Mhz (switchable); Two Loops - one for 3.5MHz and one for 1.8MHz. Two 90 meter long beverage antennas, one for USA and one for Europe. A stack match allows me to connect any two antennas together, depending on the contest frequencies etc.

Left Pic: The 80/40mtr Vertical is in the foreground, with tower and TH6DXX and 8ele 2mtr beam on top.

My home brew Multi-Rig CW Keyer
4 Inputs - N1MM COM port keyer, CT Log LPT1 keyer, straight key, and paddle with built in iambic keyer. Keys up to 3 rigs.
John, VK4CEJ and myself securing beams in place. TH6DXX & 8 element 2mtr.
My shack schematic diagram
Stack match with coax filters installed. Just add antennas ;-)

My Antenna Layout