My History

I was first licenced in Melbourne in 1984 as VK3PAS. My callsign changed as I moved from state to state as a RAAF Signals Operator.

1984 - VK3PAS, 1985 - VK6NAZ, 1988 - AX6NAZ, 1989 - VK6ALZ, 1990 - VK6ALZ/4, 1991 - current, VK4SN.

VK4M contest call only, allocated 11 March 2023.

The callsign VK4SN was handed down to me from my Grandfather Francis, after he sadly passed away on 12 Feb 1991. The call was first issued to him in 1938.

Keeping up in his footsteps I am a keen CW'er, mainly heard in contests, and sometimes in Multi-Op Stations.

Founding member of the Lockyer Valley Radio and Electronics Club Inc. Jan 2000 - Aug 2015.

Other interests include computers, good music, and Reiki.